Revolutionary yield aggregator and decentralized crypto mutual fund on Polygon
avtoMATIC is a Polygon blockchain based yield aggregator / optimizer that seeks to provide long term investors with powerful ongoing returns within single pane of glass ecosystem.

Why We're Different from the Average Yield Aggregator


Other yield aggregators fail to maximize the bonding curve provided by the Polygon blockchain. The yield made available to investors is not optimized to its fullest potential. The avtoMATIC project uses tokenomics that take advantage of the low gas fees on the Polygon chain to provide greater returns to investors.


Partnership is critical to the performance advantage within the avtoMATIC fund and is central to our strategy. Partnerships with high trust projects that provide real value is central to our strategy.

Security & Trust

The DEFI space as a whole is plagued with projects that operate as "rugs" and take advantage of its user base intentionally or unintentionally through lax security measures. Security is paramount to the avtoMATIC team as is the reputation and trust we seek to build within the DEFI community.

User Experience

Existing projects have overly simplistic and bare bone based UIs with a "for developers by developers" look and feel. The avtoMATIC team seeks to provide our community with an intuitive easy to understand solution capable of providing both new and advanced yield farm investors with a sleek modern interface.

Why the Name avtoMATIC?

Originally the development team was seeking a name such as autoMATIC. Auto as a play on words for the automated optimized nature of the goals of this project and MATIC as a reference to the former name of the Polygon blockchain. Due to the prolific use of the 'automatic' name we used the Latin "V".
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